Moving forward through training.

Our Mission

Pro-Fection Training provide a wide range of bespoke project management and project controls courses for national and international organisations. Our training is based on industry best standard professional bodies. We also provide learning and development solutions that help clients to become higher-performing organisations

Pro-Fection deliver the ideal training and competence solution for our clientele, both organisations and participants. We build strong relationships and work closely with clients to enable them to deliver their objectives

"Tell me and I'll forget,
Teach me and I'll remember,
Involve me and I'll learn"

Our Approach

This particular Chinese proverb is extremely relevant as it represents what Pro-Fection deliver. The proverb involves the educational senses, from the least to the most educational as a means to learn.

"Tell me" -hearing- versus "Show me" -vision- allows us to compare the efficacy of hearing with vision. In educational terms, the stronger of these two senses is always vision. However, with synergy of the senses, involvement is experiential and very powerful

Pro-Fection involve all senses when working with clients to ensure that we design and deliver appropriate training packages. We also encourage use of the senses when working with participants to ensure our sessions are delivered in an interactive way and encourage involvement

Our Training Areas

To understand how Pro-Fection can assist your organisational training needs, check out our key training areas below. You can also access our full list of developed courses or modules in the Course and Module Library. Feel free to contact us for further information or to discuss your own particular training needs

Accredited Project Management Training

Pro-fection Training’s wide-range of project management courses will allow anyone involved in projects to learn and master the essentials of working on, leading or supporting projects through good project management. The courses are designed in such a way that they utilise recognised best-practice methodologies, tools and techniques that are crucial to delivering successful projects

Grass roots delivery

A project with poor control is an out-of-control project. Pro-Fection’s Project Controls Training courses will provide you with the fundamental and practical applications required for effective project controls. Content can be delivered to client specifications, but in essence our courses will cover the essentials of planning and scheduling, cost estimating and budgeting, procurement, risk development, controlling the project performance and reporting, as well as document control in deference to the key roles that they play in modern project management. 

Projects need leaders like trees need water

A project with poor leadership is a project doomed for failure, with a path of trouble throughout the journey. Pro-Fection’s Project Leadership Courses will provide the fundamental and practical skills required for effective project leadership.

Strengthen your project management skillset

Project failures are not necessarily due to a lack of technical skills or expertise demonstrated by those executing the project. More often they are due to inadequate, neglected or badly managed coordination, integration, communication and control of project activities- not forgetting the coordination and management of project team members, stakeholders and contractors.

Accredited Project Management
Training Overview

The flagship “APMP Project Management” course is a qualification course, geared at delivering a course which focuses on the key competencies required in any project organisation, while preparing the delegates for the APMP (Association for Project Management Professional) examination.

If a qualification in project management is not your priority, Pro-Fection have designed a number of project management modules, which any organisation can blend together to construct a course around the areas of competence that are crucial to their own organisation. We want to ensure any delegates or client organisations get the best Return on their Investment and this methodology has proven to be extremely popular and relevant to fulfilling training needs and requirements. No longer do you have to select a course that looks to have some relevant content, now you can ensure that ONLY what you want is included.

We are very much aware that most organisations today deliver projects of some kind or another. These project teams will start out with the best intentions to create a powerful team dynamic to run the project successfully and deliver on time, within budget while meeting the quality standards set out by the client. Let Pro-Fection Training work with you to construct a tailor-made course that will allow you to ensure that this will be the outcome.

Pro-Fection’s project management training will use case studies and workgroups, working together in an interactive manner and can take you from cradle to grave through a project life cycle; from setting smart objectives, planning the recommended route, dealing with risks and changes as well as unexpected issues, through to celebrating eventual success.

Pro-Fection Training Format

Pro-Fection’s training format will assist project managers, project leaders and team members to assist in achieving objectives and getting things done in a timely and professional manner. Individuals will gain the confidence and skills to approach project management in a confident manner, using methodologies, tools and techniques learned on the course, which are delivered in such a way that they can be taken back to the workplace and used immediately. The tools will assist participants in getting the most from their own project teams, keeping them enthused (especially over long-term projects), and helping them to deal with the difficulties of missed deadlines, delivering bad news and goal-post changes mid-way through.

Our project management courses are far more than about the cogs and wheels. Although these are important, the human factor of the project team is needed to ensure that projects are treated as the unique entities that they are. Our training allows the participants to learn to manage projects and people.

As a bespoke service, Pro-Fection’s Training Programmes can be tailored specifically around your own organisation’s processes or tools, which can be utilised and referred to throughout the workshops. Ultimately, helping delegates become more successful at running every kind of project as your organisation requires.

Project Controls
Training Overview

More and more organisations are recognising the crucial line of support that Project Controls can offer. If your organisation wishes to improve on delivering projects within budget and on time, then this type of course is perfect. Whether a Project Manager, a Project Engineer, a Project Lead or involved as a support skill or a specialist, the industry proven methodologies and control points covered within these courses will answer some of the key questions in relation to Project Controls and where it sits within the field of Project Management.

Delegates will gain a deeper level of understanding in conjunction with many practical tools that can be taken back to the workplace allowing enhancement of the requisite competencies for controlling projects. Delegates will learn how to plan effectively, control appropriately, monitor in a timely and professional manner, and forecast a project’s schedule and cost. Interactive exercises include developing a project’s plans and linking to relevant processes to ensure that meeting a schedule and controlling costs are achievable goals.

Closely aligned with Project Management best practice, our Project Controls courses use tried and tested methods for keeping the project in control, and provide strategies to help determine the best approach for any project.

As with the Project Management offerings, Pro-Fection’s Project Controls Courses can be tailored to your business’s specific processes, regardless of the size of your organisation or complexity of your projects. While working with your organisation to design the course content, we will ensure that participants learn both internal and industry best practices in the field.

Project Controls Training can also be supplemented by Specific Control Area Courses including:

Managing Risk as Part of a Project Team (1 day):

Pro-Fection’s Risk Management Course is process focused. Participants will gain an understanding of risk terminology and will learn about an industry best practice risk management process, risk identification methods, qualification and quantification methodologies and associated human factors. The course is designed to develop your understanding and provide you with the ability to conduct internal risk workshops and manage your risk as a part of a project team in all phases of the project life cycle.

Document Control for Information Managers (2 days):

This course introduces document control at a managing level. Attendance on this course will enable participants to understand the requirements for setting up, managing on an operational basis and closing down Document Management on a project. The course focuses on the key principles of document control and ensures that the importance of the topic on projects is understood and can be transferable across projects within any organisation.

Earned Value Management [EVM] (1 day):

Pro-Fection’s EVM Course introduces participants to the key principles and processes within Earned Value Management and associated analysis. Participants will gain an understanding of the appropriate way to plan for a project’s schedule and cost management, and how to measure and control throughout the project life cycle. Participants will also be invited to consider reasons for deviation from plans and to evaluate and offer up business solutions to resolve.

Leadership Development
Training Overview

Pro-Fection’s Project Leadership Courses allow your organisation to choose the key behavioural skills that are required within your own projects, covering the fundamentals from identifying leaders and leadership styles, to understanding the key differences between leadership and management , through to actively trying out different leadership methods and putting them into practice. Attending a project leadership course will introduce delegates to key leadership competencies including processes for establishing direction, encouraging and steering the project team, and aligning and motivating others to follow the project or project manager’s vision.

Pro-Fection’s leadership courses assist in adapting delegates’ skills to enable them to lead project teams effectively, journeying through many tried and tested team development methods reinforcing the importance of ethics when in a position of trust and how ethical behaviours, both personally and within a business can affect a project head on.

A project leader must have the ability to negotiate and resolve conflict; a greater awareness of assertive negotiation can assist hugely in managing a project. Our training programmes provide delegates the opportunity to master this by using conflict scenarios and strategies throughout the course.

Coordinating and Managing Projects Effectively

We can attribute this lack of success to the fact that many project managers are unable to appropriately apply the tools and techniques of modern project coordination and control to their projects, as well as to manage and motivate the human resources assigned to the project.

Pro-Fection offer a variety of training courses and training modules that, when delivered in an interactive manner by experienced project professionals, will enhance the skills and knowledge of project personnel, and improve their ability to plan, manage, control and deliver successful projects. All Pro-Fection training material has been designed to enable delegates to apply themselves to the topic and deliver similar exercises on their own projects with immediate effect on their return to the project or workplace.

Pro-Fection’s full range of Project Management Development Training can be tailored specifically to any organisation’s own processes, which can be utilised and referred to throughout the courses. Remember; Pro-Fection means “advancing, moving forward” and we design our programmes in such a way that we focus on helping our delegates become more adept at moving forward and advancing in supporting, leading or managing any project they are involved in.

Competence and Syllabus development services

Pro-Fection can provide standards-based syllabus learning packages in project management and associated fields that can help to develop the career path of anyone involved in projects. Whether our clients require qualification frameworks, detailed lesson plans, or complete instructional materials, we will work hand-in-hand with them in order to develop content that is custom-built for the needs of the organisation, the learners and will fulfil specific industry requirements where applicable. Our classroom, blended or digital learning packages deliver the capability of interactive classes – presence or virtual, supported by provision of print materials or online course content and full administrative support as desired by client organisations.

Pro-Fection's course syllabus design is built to ensure course content reflects academic, industry or competence standards. Our aim is to ensure that course content meets industry standard or organisation needs. To help achieve this, our experienced team:

  • Pre-assess the syllabus needs of qualification bodies
  • Pre-assess employer specific requirements
  • Consistently gather input from employers in relation to ascertaining essential skills and knowledge fields required
  • Assess current instructional materials
  • Ensures any syllabus updates are aligned to all applicable standards and ensure seamless transitions

Course development philosophy

Pro-Fection’s course-development philosophy is based on our own experiences in providing engaging and relevant learning that emphasise the marriage of course content to practical scenarios. Pro-Fection's syllabus incorporates:

  • Industry case-study scenarios
  • Work through project life cycle; from cradle to grave
  • Evidence-based teaching strategies
  • Problem-solving opportunities
  • Hands-on activities
  • Authentic learning assessments
  • Work-based learning experiences
  • Critical thinking
  • Project-based learning

Custom Digital Learning Solutions

Pro-Fection specialise in provision of bespoke digital and e-learning development, instructional design and advisory services on the breadth of portal-related issues. Why not engage with us as your outsourcing partner of choice in e-learning design, and deployment. We have the skills to transform your own subject matter content into an effective e-learning package. We will take your raw ingredients, mix them with skill using high-level technology to design, animate and add sound to create a high-level, slick e-learning package. In addition, this will be designed via a custom, company-branded portal, mimicking your own corporate site look and feel.

Take advantage of our own extensive experience to help you plan, produce and deploy your own in-house online training content, exams or assessment instruments in an appropriate and effective format. We will work in partnership with you to address your business requirements in any of these areas:

  • Assessing syllabus and training requirements in line with learning and business objectives.
  • Devising strategies for your e-learning solutions; including:-
    • planning syllabus
    • defining training modules
    • developing appropriate testing to meet requirements
  • Developing effective instructional design for e-learning including:-
    • self-study online
    • synchronous online events
    • face-to-face
    • blended formats
  • Tests and survey design and result capturing & reporting
  • Delivering impeccable results via high-impact and effective learning assets based on solid creative instructional design
  • Providing safe & secure cloud-based content & full administrative services





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